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Restore your old photographs!

Do you have fading photos? Old photos you want to share with family? Valuable photos that might fade? IF so, you might want to preserve their images by digitizing and reprinting them! Look below for typical results. THe images on the left are the scanned originals. The images on the left are carefully restored using the latest Photoshop technology.



Fading happens to photos that you love the most, since they are the ones on display around your home. This kind of damage can be extremely difficult or impossible to repair -- that is why you should scan them into digital form as soon as possible. It's true that if you wait too long, it may be too late. However, you can often obtain good results through careful, hand processing. You can see from the photos above that even severely faded photos can be restored, so long as some image data remains. Several of the photos you see were only 1.5 inches wide. They were reprinted to a 4x5 frame with excellent results.


Media: Digitize Paper Photo (up to 8x10 / color / B&W) with digital restoration
Resolution: 600 dpi, approx 28.8 MP
Price: $5.

Partial payment

When you place your order, you will make a partial payment equal to half of your order. Minimum order: $25.


You will have a chance to review your photo scans before you settle your bill. You can delete up to 20% of them, no questions asked.

What We Do For You

Color Correction

Because photos can change color over time, an essential part of scanning is to return the colors to their natural state. Often, it is difficult to determine the original color on severely faded photos. You can make recommendations for the final result, whether sepia, cool white, or some other tone. I hand process the color correction for every scan!

Scratch removal, by hand

Every scan is hand corrected. Severely scratched photos (see the ranch photo above) can be partially corrected, but usually it is not possible to fully correct such photos.


You can specify the size of the final digital image that you desire. I usually put a 1/4" border around the image, so a 5x7 will have data that is 4.5" x 6.5", unless you specify another option. Please be aware that best results will be obtained when the image is not enlarged too much!


A DVD can hold:

  • Approximately 1200 paper print scans at 600dpi

The exact number is difficult to determine because of the digital size of the scanned image.

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