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Slide/Negative Scanning

Do you have photos, slides and/or negatives you would like to digitize?

We can help!

Why scan? Several reasons! Dyes in old media will fade over time, leaving you with color-shifted, out-of-balance images. They also can be scratched or damaged easily. Digital images can avoid these pitfalls -- so digitize them BEFORE the damage occurs.

Fading happens to photos that you love the most, since they are the ones on display around your home. This kind of damage can be extremely difficult or impossible to repair -- that is why you should scan them into digital form as soon as possible. If you wait too long, it may be too late.

If you DO have faded or damaged prints, you might want to use our Photo Restoration services. It is not guaranteed to bring them back to their original state, but it often produces very satisfactory results!

We serve the Gray's Harbor area

So shipping is usually not necessary. I can deliver!


Standard Color Media Resolution Price
35mm Negative (per image, not per strip) 3000 dpi, 10 MP $0.40
35mm Slide 3000 dpi, 10 MP $0.40
Paper Photo (up to 8x10 / color / B&W) 600 dpi, 28.8 MP $0.40
35mm Negative, B&W (per image) 3000 dpi, 10 MP $0.70

Additional Options Price
Additional Photo DVD Set (per disc) $8.00
Additional Photo CD Set (per disc) $4.00
Files saved in TIFF format (JPEG is standard) $0.20 / scan extra
Pro Resolution (film: 4000 dpi / print: 1200 dpi) $0.10 / scan extra
Pro Library (TIFF scan, no processing & JPEG processed image) $0.25 / scan extra
2.5" 320GB USB Hard Drive $99
Higher resolutions available upon request. Shipping / handling extra. Minimum order: $25

Partial payment

When you place your order, you will make a partial payment equal to half of your order.


You will have a chance to review your photo scans before you settle your bill. You can delete up to 20% of them, no questions asked.

What We Do For You

Color Correction

Because photos can change color over time, an essential part of scanning is to return the colors to their natural state. But there's a right way and a wrong way to do this, in our judgment. And the right way is to do it by hand. I hand process the color correction for every scan!

Scratch removal, by hand

Although the equipment allows for automatic scratch removal, it seldom does as good of a job as one done by hand. That is why every scan is hand corrected!


A DVD can hold:

  • Approximately 1200 paper print scans at 600dpi
  • 300 negative or slide scans at 10MP.

The exact number is difficult to determine because of the digital size of the scanned image.

Order Now!

E-mail me and tell me what your needs are!