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Get a one-page website for a year for only $100! This includes:

  • Free domain name or free domain name transfer for a year!
  • One year of website hosting.
  • A one-page website build.
  • Free unlimited e-mails.
    After one year, you can renew your site for only the hosting and domain name fee of $99 per year.

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  • bcff
    Portfolio Example: Beachcomber's Fun Fair, Ocean Shores, WA.
  • bcff
    Portfolio Example: Construction and Remodeling.
  • Masterman's web site
    Portfolio Example: Photo Gallery and Web Service site.
  • gallery
    Portfolio Example: Photo Gallery.
  • jmi
    Portfolio Example: Commercial Real Estate and Investments.
  • woolie
    Portfolio Example: Hand-knitted pets.
  • klutch
    Portfolio Example: A Local Coffee House.

Here are a few examples of web sites that I have created. All are custom, hand-made sites using the latest optimal viewing experience available. To view these, click on the 'Portfolio' menu at the top of this page.

Do you want a website to improve your exposure?

Web sites can increase sales and expose you to thousands of people interested in your business or personal interests. I can help you by building a site to your specifications. I can help you promote your small business on-line with a great looking custom website.

We are located in the Grays Harbor area of Washington state but can work with you wherever you are located!


We offer three simple Website plans:


One-Page Plan:

If you need a simple website that gives potential customers basic information about your business, you can get a one-page website for a full year for only $100, total! This includes:

  • Free domain name for a year or domain name transfer.
  • One year of website hosting.
  • A one-page website build.
  • Free unlimited business e-mails.
  • Free sub-domains.

Basic Plan:

The first page will be built for $100. Additional pages costs $50 per page. A typical site might be a 5-page website for only $300. Hosting will cost $5/mo, or $50/yr, if I build your site. Use this option if you do not need updates often.

Premium Plan:

A basic 5-page website, web hosting, domain name registration (or transfer), monthly updates and maintenance services, as well as unlimited business email addresses are priced at $40/month for 12 mos. Use this plan if you need monthly updates to your site.

Other options, such as photographic galleries, website hosting, and other services are also available. Details here.