Shores Web Design



One-Page Plan

If you need a simple website that gives potential customers basic information about your business, you can get a one-page website for a full year for only $100, tal! This includes:
  • Free domain name for a year or domain name transfer.
  • One year of website hosting.
  • A one-page website build.
  • Free unlimited business e-mails.
  • Free Sub Domains.

Basic Package

Your website's first page will cost $100. Additional pages can be built for $50 per page. A typical 5-page website costs only $300. This includes consultation, design development, web development, and the launching of your website. Sub Domains and unlimited business email addresses are included for free, if you host with us.

Once you have a build for a website, putting it on on the web is the next requirement. This hosting costs $50/year, or $5/mo.

Other features:

There are some features that incur additional costs. These include:

  • Additional Pages ($50 each)
  • Web Hosting ($5/mo.or $50/yr. Free with the Premium Package)
  • Domain name or domain name transfer ($15/yr. Free with the Premium Package)
  • Website maintenance fee ($50/hr. Free with the Premium Package).
  • More options upon request.

Premium Package

If you are looking for a 5 page website, try our Premium website package. Priced at $40/month for 12 months, the package includes:

  • Custom 5-page website design. Additional pages available, of course.
  • Website hosting.
  • Free domain name or domain name transfer.
  • Free Sub Domains.
  • Unlimited business email addresses.
  • Monthly updates and maintenance service (up to 60 min/mo).

At the end of 12 months, you own your website files and domain name. You can continue the update service, maintenance service, and email services beyond the first 12 months on a month-to-month basis for $40/mo, which can be canceled at anytime. If you are a hosting customer, you can pay for only a hosting fee ($5/mo/yr) and manage your own web site.